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TTN Las Vegas, a leader in the vacation industry, provides a few ideas for staying safe and healthy during warm vacations.

When visiting warm-weather destinations can be tempting to spend long hours lounging in the sun. Although it may feel great, the result may not. TTN Las Vegas recommends that travelers ease themselves into sun exposure so as not to get burned or suffer from heat exhaustion.

TTN Las Vegas offers these handy tips. This luxury vacation provider is offering up some helpful hacks for when travelers are vacationing and playing in the sun.


Avoid that bright red color and painful burn by applying sunscreen regularly, especially if playing in the water. Most will still allow for a little bit of color, depending on the SPF power. Being mindful of the time spent in the sun, and balancing exposure and shade is also a good idea.


Too much sun exposure, or time in the heat, can deplete the body’s natural hydration. This can lead to health issues that range from merely annoying to quite severe. TTN Las Vegas knows that playing in the sun can be as draining as it is fun. This luxury vacation provider encourages members to drink plenty of water, avoid excess alcohol, and even cut down on salty foods, which sometimes can also dehydrate people.


Sunglasses are a must, even on overcast days. If spending time near or on the water, the glare is likely to cause some unpleasant issues such as migraines, eye pain, and seeing spots. For those enjoying water sports and fishing, vacationers may want to invest in polarized lenses, which help cut down the water glare.

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Hot pavement and hot sand can do a number on travelers’ feet. TTN Las Vegas recommends at least having flip flops on hand but suggests wearing water sandals if playing in the water, particularly if snorkeling, to avoid scraping or cutting your skin on coral.


Sometimes the outside temperature makes swimming in lakes, rivers, and oceans tempting. Unless vacationers are visiting a destination that has warm weather and warm water temps the majority of the year, those waters may still be frigid. Hypothermia and loss of breath can occur quickly in cold waters. Be especially mindful of young children around water.

TTN Las Vegas wants travelers to enjoy their vacations and be safe and healthy. To book the getaway of a lifetime today.

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